We were called out to an apartment building in Dudley, privately rented by a young couple from a local landlord, they’d lost their keys and couldn’t gain entry. Using our lock picking expertise we unlocked the door for them (also known as a non-destructive entry). Once inside it became apparent that the lock that was fitted was out of date and posed a fire threat and due to fire regulation updates, the landlord should have had the lock replaced for safety during a fire. The gentleman gave me the contact details of the landlord and `i called him up and explained the situation to which he immediately agreed with a replacement pock being fitted to new standards (a thumb turn on the inside of the lock so if there should ever be a fire you don’t need to scurry around looking for keys) and also asked us to check the other flats in the building. We arranged for a consultant to visit the following day and sure enough, all the 15 flats needed updating so overall the couple losing their keys may well have saved somebody’s life in the long run.

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Fire rating and safety assessments are just a part of what we offer as a locksmiths service as safety and well being can easily be overlooked by inexperienced locksmiths who just want to get in and get paid as fast as possible – fire ratings in buildings are there for a reason and we take this very seriously and pride ourselves on a complete service to all our clients even if it means going that extra mile. Customers will often not know about safety regulations but that’s, why we’re on hand to point out these things so get in touch today for all your locksmiths, needs whether it’s just a stuck lock, lost keys, or a full security audit we can help

Always get reputable locksmiths to carry out your work otherwise you could be putting your life in danger