A customer called to say that his safe was locked and that he couldn’t gain entry as it was a digital electronic safe – not of the best quality, these are renowned for failing as the battery will run out unless the user takes notice of the warning beeps when the battery is running low and most people forget as once the safe is closed again the beeping stops – kind of pointless really but you get what you pay for I suppose, anyway when I arrived he informed me that he actually had 2 safes that needed attention as the other was a vintage heavy cast iron bank safe but he’d lost the key and the spare was locked inside, these are so hard to pick due to the weight of the inner mechanism.

SAFE 1 – the digital safe was quite a simple entry, to be honest details of which I won’t disclose as they are all accessible the same way if you know the technique but to put it simply it involved removing some cover plates and finding the outward power source plug which once activated will release the safe latches to enable entry into the safe and the internal battery to be relaced – simple 10 minutes work and all done.



The behemoth vintage heavyweight could’ve been the undoing of me but I was willing to give it a try and I knew this would be no small task and would involve all my skill and expertise along with a stethoscope and some very high tech tools that I couldn’t divulge to anyone other than fellow locksmiths but needless to say without any of this the safe would remain closed forever unless the client was willing to have the safe damaged beyond further use. So of I went tinkering away with the safe lock listening for the telltale signs through my stethoscope. 30 minutes in and I was starting to believe I was beaten but then I had a breakthrough, the first latch inside the lock was freed so this spurred me on to try and beat the lock on the safe. 25 minutes further on and hey presto, one open safe ! Just as I was packing away my tools the client arrived with the spare key, he’d realised at the last minute that the spare wasn’t locked in the safe after all but never mind the experience was a great test of my skills and I always love a challenge so if you need any safes opening then get in touch on our contact page here

Another happy customer – all in a days work for expert Locksmiths in Dudley