The importance of dealing with a failing door early is illustrated by this case study as had the homeowner dealt with the issue early on by calling us when the door first started to play up it would have saved them a lot of time, inconvenience, and money.

The customer’s door had completely seized as the internal mechanism had dropped and would no longer release, this happens when a door hinge starts to wear out and the door lowers to the point that the weight of the door eventually puts all its pressure on the actual lock when it’s in the closed position.

LOCKS SEIZE ALL THE TIME, what you need to do –

The only way to rectify this is to use a pump system to raise the door and alleviate the pressure on the lock allowing the door to be opened and once open the hinges then need to be replaced – this was all carried out in one visit as we had the parts on the van but the extra labour and parts came to a lot more than if the problem was dealt with earlier by simply replacing the hinges on the UPVC door. Not only the cost but the inconvenience caused to the customer was being locked out for over an hour in the cold and rain.

UPVC doors are extremely heavy so having the correct equipment to hand is paramount for safety so please make sure you never try and lif a door yourself as this could cause injury so please always take care not to put yourself in danger by following health and safety advice that can be found on your local government health and safety website here


So for future reference should you have a door that is starting to play up or a lock that is starting to become stiff, call a locksmith to come and assess it for free and they can guide you as to the best course of action – after all prevention is better than cure contact us here if you need any free advice