What the world has gone through over the past 20 months has been exceptional and has left a degree of instability and insecurity for locksmiths that are self-employed along with other trades and businesses and we need to take into consideration many factors and adjust accordingly.

Considerations such as which jobs we should accept due to the safety issues concerned and what we can implement to counteract these.

A host of facets of the locksmith’s industry have changed but we as a professional trade can adapt and rise once again.

The factors affecting Locksmithing

Reduced workload for locksmiths

Whilst in the midst of the first full lockdown locksmiths suffered greatly due to less demand for lock repairs for both home and business. Infection spreading was at the forefront of all our minds and we wanted to keep ourselves and our clients safe. Many people resorted to never leaving the house even for shopping, having this delivered direct by the frontline supermarket delivery drivers and this had a knock-on effect as people’s locks weren’t getting the use that they would normally, customers were rightly worried about infection rates and as locksmiths, the only option we have is to enter your property but safeguarding is always at the forefront of what we do as a security service so we are now and always will take the most effective measures to limit any contact.

Unurgent jobs will be delayed as people reprioritise what they need – Whats the key to survival

Jobs no longer viewed by the client as urgent will be put off and people will seek less help from professional locksmiths but this will gradually rebuild as peoples confidence in close contact trades like ours as locksmiths and the market will eventually bounce back but we expect a downturn in the foreseeable future for the less important locksmiths jobs like door realigns and window catch replacements as these can obviously wait until confidence is regained. Peoples jobs are more home-based now and this also leads to fewer doors being used both at home and in the office after all if two-fifths of the workplace is at home then office doors won’t be used also neither will peoples front doors resulting in less wear and fewer failures for locksmiths to be called out to.

Less commercial traffic also means fewer people will lock themselves out of cars, homes, and garages. Simply put, less use of locks and doors means less work for locksmiths but once confidence grows and once locksmiths can demonstrate care and consideration for people’s fears during these uncertain times then more people will return to using the services like ours as a professional locksmiths service.

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Unemployment is on th rise so people are more inclined to start their own business

As the world recovers and so does the economy new businesses will be created but you need to bear in mind that new locksmiths starting up isn’t always good for you the customer as these new business owners don’t have the experience and knowledge that time served locksmiths have – knowledge and experience are only garnered by time and as a professional locksmith we have many years of experience under our tool belt so to say.

Nothing is guaranteed – nothing is future proof

With less trade available some locksmiths will edge towards reducing prices which in theory is great for the consumer but just think about that for a moment, all locksmiths have the same bills now as before the pandemic hit and the only thing that will suffer is the quality, not necessarily the service but more likely it will be the parts that are swapped for cheaper Chinese models so please bear in mind that the cheapest is often not the best option, even though we all want a good deal but remember that the locksmiths can’t cut their wages to a point where the business is no longer viable so the real person to suffer is you the customer. Always insist on your locksmith using the best parts so that the repair lasts longer.

There will be quiet times ahead for all types of businesses from locksmiths to builders to travel and hospitality but the best way we can all get through this is to not expect everything to be cheaper because that will only lead to poorer service in the long run – here at LOCKSMITHS IN DUDLEY we pride ourselves on giving good old fashioned value for money so if you need help with anything lock-related please get in touch and if you need a website building like this one for your own business get in touch with strawberry websites